Hello there.

sZSvymJi[the one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord will be born as the seventh month dies]

Since Harry Potter is the reason I ever learned how to use the internet in the first place (I was eleven, no Hogwarts letter in sight, and starved for content, okay), it seemed like a fitting time to resurrect my nth attempt at a blog on Harry Potter and J.K. Rowling’s birthday.

Also, by some stroke of luck, I won a blog domain for free. I have fickle luck with lotteries, so, yay? I have yet to figure how to use it… but hey, if the universe shows you all the signs, it would be foolish not to follow, right? My friends are all encouraging me to go back to writing on an online space again, and I think this space would be more easy on the eyes than the essay writing I tend on doing on my IG captions.

When I was in a funk about a year and a half ago, I conceptualized how this whole thing would go. I decided to call this blog [in the grid], because I was bored and thought it sounded close to my name, so why not? This blog is going to be the intersection of my interests and the internet, and posting these thoughts online would put them in the grid of the world wide web. Yes, I committed a grammar error so I could gleefully point you towards the pun I made and to make my point.


Let’s see how this goes, then?


So, hello. Ingrid here. Blogging. Yay!

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