[Personal] July Favorites


And hello! I have not updated at all since my last post, which is why you’ll be getting a lot of backlog posts, as well as why you’re reading a July summary on the tail end of September.  I promise I’ll be catching up on posting soon! I’ve been cooking up content for this blog, and I can’t wait to share it with all of you.

So, what was in the grid during July 2017?


dZBd_Ju6I’ve met a lot of of friends online, and July turned out to be a month of meet-ups. A Filipino friend now based in San Francisco was visiting the country, so I met up with her with another friend, and yet another friend flew all the way from Chile to come and visit the friends she has made here!


I also spent five days traipsing the streets of Manila with other friends I’ve met online to tour another friend who flew from Singapore. The internet can admittedly be a scary place and we must all be cautious, but I’ve met so many wonderful and amazing people through it. Honestly, I am eternally grateful to have met all of them ;A;


We were in a work from home situation at work because we were moving offices for the whole duration of July, so about once every week or so I went to Taft to go and work at Coreon Cafe and meet up with my friend Cindy. I think I’ve started to sound and talk a bit like her at this point. We often meet at the morning, I work while she studies, then go and eat lunch together. She usually has afternoon classes so I go and work at a cafe until she’s done with classes and we hang out for a bit after. We saw each other every week, and frankly, I’m surprised she didn’t get tired of me. Thank you Cindy ;A;


Also, the work from home situation meant I can work from any place and be more readily available to meet up with my friends! The first week was a struggle to find good internet, but I got to find my work rhythm soon enough. I always got comments from my friends about how much stuff I brought during these meet-ups, because I always had my laptop with me.

Overall, it was a really good month of catching up with friends 🙂

July was also the month where I started paying more attention to taking care of my skin. Maybe it’s an aftereffect of writing so much about health and skincare for work, but it’s a good result. Which means I’ve been slowly wading my way through the vast world of Asian skincare. I also like the support system I have with my friends where I go “wait am I doing this right???” and everyone comes to my rescue (particularly Chai and Kang, Asian beauty senpaitachi). I love friendship.


FullSizeRender (3)

The Hada Labo toner, cleansing foam, and MBD face masks were things I asked my friend from Singapore to get for me! I absolutely have no clue about things so I left it to her to decide what things to get, and they’ve been serving me quite well! I’ve been saving up the MBD masks because I don’t know how to stock up on this particular brand. The rest, I’ve been getting slowly from local outlets of Korean beauty and skincare brands!


Let’s not talk about this…

lol okay it’s probably pretty obvious why I got these magazines. The Japanese magazines are old issues that my friend passed on to me! I love understanding lol.  I briefly read through both magazines to test my rusty reading comprehension skills and found out a lot of interesting facts about the members! They were asked about aspects of Japanese popular media they liked, and I found out that Chanyeol has watched all the dramas Kimura Takuya has been in. Kyungsoo likes the drama Hanzawa Naoki, and has said that he would like to have dinner with Sakai Masato (the actor who plays the lead in the drama) and tell him how much he loves his performance, and would also like to talk about acting. Fandom crossovers are amazing.

I honestly love Vogue Korea’s Gucci and EXO collab shoot a lot, especially the photo spread featuring the maknae line (the younger half of the group), which is also the cover I got. There’s also a feature about breaking gender stereotypes in fashion that I want to read, but sadly I can’t read Korean. Maybe after I pass N1…

FullSizeRender (5)

It’s Hey! Say! JUMP’s 10th anniversary this year, and the first time they released a compilation album. A friend was in Japan the day it was released, and she was kind enough to get it for me and another friend! I got the version that had unreleased studio versions of old songs I really liked! I may have cried when I listened to H.our Time’s lyrics for the first time.

FullSizeRender (4).jpg

I’m still in awe that I actually have this? I remembered it afterwards, but Cindy gave the DVD to me one night. I was so out of it that apparently when I saw it in my bag, I went “…why do I have this? HOW DID I GET THIS???” lol @ me

The other CDs were from another friend! She decided to let go of a lot of her CDs and gave a bunch of them to me! I finally have physical copies of Arashi’s 10th anniversary album, and Arashi singles I really like ;u;

EXO’s KoKoBop PV and The War album was released this month, as well as HSJ’s 10th anniversary compilation album! There’s a video somewhere on the internet of Cindy and I yelling over KoKoBop, but I will spare myself the potential embarrassment. I love new music!

I’ve been consuming a lot of fanfiction, and all the books I’m currently reading (I have… three? ongoing books) have been placed back in my TBR pile. Fanfiction is a good reading and writing learning experience though, and I maintain my belief that fanfiction writers hold a lot of potential and should not be belittled.

I also got to watch a lot of movies this month, both in theaters and in the comfort of my own home. They all deserve their separate posts, and I’ll do just that 🙂

This has been quite the long post. Thank you for reading! I hope I can update more frequently so I won’t have to assail you with huge blocks of text. Until next time, lovely readers! 🙂

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